Tuesday, January 25, 2011

nothing comes above getting to do what I love

FAC flyer!

fun collage for core
I felt like a nerd for loving this assignment when everyone around me hated it...
I procrastinated bible homework to work on this... wait what?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

this is a toast for the first post

I'd like to think I'm being artsy making a blog for my art things but I don't feel artsy at all, just kind of like these projects look a lot like something I did in the 7th grade... But you gotta start sometime! Over the next semester I want to talk about each piece while I'm doing it rather than a explosion of work.
Get ready to see the best accumulation of work since you looked in the nearest kindergarten class room.
oh yeah, that good.

first my basic drawing pieces:
first of the year... pretty rough.

second project... are those lady bugs or ink drops? who is to say?

third project... I should have just used my project from 7th grade

fourth... ehh

fifth... this is my favorite one, probably because it's Bryson

sixth... box it up

seventh... ACU campus

final one... I approve

now my 3-D projects:
not all of them because I didn't want to put some of those awful projects in your head
positive/negative... reminds me of monsters inc.

self portrait

verse project

and now just a few flyers I had fun making for FAC!

I am so terribly excited for this next semester!